Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blog Numero Dos! (It's official)

So today was very long and boring... I didn't even see Clark until seminar! However my friend taught me how to say "You don't even know anything!" in Espanol! woohoo! it's "Tu no sabes nada!" lol anyhow, so first block was boring, second block was confusing, third block was distracting, fourth block we were having a party... I only stayed long enough to eat! haha and then i went to my Biology teachers room and did some Sudoku puzzles and mildly disrupted the class... JUST KIDDING! I just went crazy on them when they started writing on her board! then i harrassed this kid for having a notebook that looked like it belonged to a girl, after that i opened it and found a rather disturbing two-page letter/note and i read it and then stole it... I shared it with a few people, adn then had the teacher read it... (in case you're wondering, I don't have a name for her yet!) then, at the end of the day my friend helped me get recycling.... we went to the first class on the left of the english hall and tried to get it but apparently they were using the bins for catching the water that was leaking through the ceiling! So the sub just went on and on about it but it was okay because it was CLARK's seminar! teehee! and he kept looking at me!!!! and then i saw him later and we walked by eachother like three times! and he smiled every time! then, the 2nd time he walked towards me and my friend and he was with his guy friend and he said something to him and the guy looked at clark and said, "Have you talked to her yet?" wow i almost dropped dead on the spot! well, I think that about sums it up for today! ADEIU!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Blog one... well, almost haha at least of my new series of school!

YAHOO! so now i have figured out that i can check my blog at school! (but only after school, for you concerned parents) ANYWHO, so I actually talked to Clark today, yes TALKED! It was really nothing but then he smiled at me and said "Don't worry about it." i walked off feeling so lightheaded that i was considerably close to fainting... but I didn't... i just went and told a few of my friends and my teachers. Well, right now I am sitting in Coach Cough Cranky's computer lab with Ned Nugget and some other peeps. Wow so peeps is kind of a weird word... it makes me think of those sick nasty marshmellows covered in sugar! BLECK! so right now I am in the process of comin up with a name for my friend... I'm really not having any luck. POOP! anyhow, so i have not yet heard ONE SINGLE thing about Clark that is bad which makes me feel like i have made a good decision! GREAT! WEll, over all, today was an excellent day! OH! so, I'm getting a new phone for Christmas YAYY and i think that's all i have for now so... farewell, goodbye, adieu... adieu to you and you and youuuuuu!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Love this pic....Emily and I in Europe at a tea room. Awesome... on Twitpic


Well, i actually believe that this will be the first blog i have ever typed up on the computer... why? because i had a snazzy iPhone that took care of things for me... not to mention the lack of a computer! a lot has been happening in my oh-so-young life lately! i have had a retarded boyfriend named FATHEAD who broke up with me because i didn't want to hug him... wow... yes you read that right... i DID NOT WANT TO HUG HIM SO HE BROKE UP WITH ME! anyhow so i got over that fast... but it didn't bother me because i really didn't like him anyways... i really have no idea why i said yes in the first place... oh well... so i have went back to liking Clark Kent (I don't use real names here if you haven't noticed!) but the only thing is... i can't talk to Clark... because when he gets near me, i get butterflies in my stomach, my heart starts beating fast, my face turns red, i feel light-headed, and I can't manage to breathe... which basically ruins my chances of talking to him... and also those thoughts of... what if he doesn't like me? what if he doesn't even think i'm pretty? and so on and so forth... whatever... so i have finally been answered with what GOd wants me to do... I'm gonna be a high school science teacher! yayy! and i guess my bff Punky Dewrag is gonna be a dietician! woohoo! anyhow... i suppose i'm done now... i probably have other thing but i have like 4 tabs open and i'm VERY easily distracted!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


(sing to the tune of mail time from blues clues! Hehe yes I still know it!)

There's the school with lots of rules!
Lots of books and lots of tools!
When I go I want to yell SCHOOL!
(but of course I can't because I would get in trouble) So, I didn't go to school today! BUT, I should be able to go tomorrow! Dad will be home tonight and we will go to the school in the morning and I am getting up at 5:30 to be super ready! WOOHOO! Well I better get some sleep! So... farewell Bloggians!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Check it out! Check it out! Check it out!

So I haven't blogged in a while because... Well I actually don't know! Hehe! In the time being I have got my hair cut, learned that tostinos sweet and spicy garden salsa leaves an aftertaste the resembles barbeque sauce, went to the Tulsa aquarium (with which I was not impressed), worried about my sister (I can't say why), done laundry, washed dishes, talked to random people, played the Wii, charged my nintendo ds, practiced on my guitar till I felt like my fingertips were raw, started a song for C.W.'s birthday, played my piano, was mad at the dogs for killing my cat, grieved over Podder Whitaker Geidl's (the cat, yes I gave him a middle name!) passing on Monday, continued to grieve until today, decided to not be mad at the dogs, lost my birth certificate, looked for my birth certificate, went to enroll at the High School, found out we need a proof of residency and that my LEGAL guardian has to fill out the enrollment papers and that they will accept my passport in the place of the birth certificate, found out I am gonna miss the first official day of school and get enrolled Friday morning and then go to school, picked out the shorts and undershirt to wear on my first day, talked to my biological mother a lot, took my four earings out to clean my ears thoroughly, couldn't remove the cartilage piercing, attempted to straighten up my room, played with my 'lil sister, matched socks with my outfit for the first time in months, got the sniffles from allergies I assume, fixed up my old iPod for my Pére (father in French), couldn't decide if he still wanted his Hoobastank and Linkin Park on there, tried to figure out why like 20 songs on a Dave Matthews Band CD (Under the table and dreaming) are only 1 second long, listened to the CD and didn't understand how I can understand the words in a rap song but for the life of me I couldn't understand what the heck Dave Matthews was singing, listened to Pure Disco (I found it with my parents CDs), listened to Sum 41's Fat Lip, grabbed a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers CD also (haven't got around to it yet), can't fit all of my clothes in the closet, noticed my guitar was way out of tune, searched for AAA batteries, could not find any, searched for a guitar tuning app, downloaded the guitar tuning app, played my guitar again till my fingers were raw, took a vitamin, took some claritin-d, wondered if the vitamins energy boost would collide with the drowsy boost from the claritin, adopted the phrase "Check it out!", became addicted to the phrase, almost choked the snot running down my throat, blew my nose a million times, learned that 3G runs down your battery so much that your phone will die while it is charging if you use it, folded blankets, posted on Facebook and Twitter, read an amazing poem that C.W. Wrote @ http://creativewritergriffith.blogspot.com/, told everyone to read it, sneezed and spit all over my phone, saw my baby sis take 18 steps on her own, and blogged! I'm probably missing some things but that's ok! I think that is officially the longest sentence I have ever written! WOOHOO! so... Farewell Bloggians!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A promised blog

Okay, so last night I promised to blog about yesterday so... Here it is! So I got up this morning and drank a cup of orange juice and texted C.W. And checked up on all my social networking apps as usual and then mom and my sister got up. Sister was feeling a lot better today! So then I got ready and so did mom and she gave sister a bath. Then we went to the McDonald's redbox thing to return a movie and the stupid machine wouldn't take the dumb thing so I got mad and we took

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A promise to blog

I promise to blog in the morning! Because I am busy well not really we are watching a movie that I do not care for! (My imaginary audience is upset) not that this is meant for everyone to read even though I guess thats the point! Hehehe so... Farewell Bloggians!


I got busy last night and did not blog! I feel so ashamed! Not really! Lol yesterday was a good day I got up and ate some cinnamon toast crunch and then texted C.W. About the story and we have come a while I guess she has maybe started on the story! And then I went to hobby lobby and got her some awesome stuff for her birthday that I won't mention because I think she reads my blog! And then we went grocery shopping! (oh the joy) next we came home and ate pizza and watched Escape to Witch Mountian. (which by the way is an interesting movie) later we found out (from a reliable sorce) that my baby sis could possibly have a virus that made her break out with bumps and a fever! And then we went to bed! Woohoo! So... Farewell bloggians!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Well, today was a good day! It started out with my alarm going off at 8! (I am gradually setting my alarm earlier and earlier to get back into the school schedule) I didn't get up automatically because it was STINKIN COLD in the apartment! So u laid there for about 30-45 mire minutes and texted C.W. For a while and we discussed our story and came up with the male personality and a little of his background and I think we have decided on the first names... So we will se what tomorrow brings! And then I played Sly 2... Again! I am addicted to that game I think... But today I mixed it up and did something different and I now know that even if you kill a guard 5 times they STILL regenerate! UGH! And then I downloaded about 10 apps and deleted seven of them, not including the ones i deleted that I already had! And I found one wicked awesome app where you hold the iPhone in your hand and you act like you are punching something and it makes a punching sound effect and pops up BAM, POW, BIFF (I have no idea what's up with that one) and some other ones that I can not remember. Then I watched Scrubs with dad again and we ate. Now we are watching The Hot Chick... It is... Interesting. Well I am out if things to say! So... Farewell Bloggians!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


The title of this blog is simple... Lately I have had an overwhelming urge to go up to someone random and yell BOOGEDY BOOGEDY BOOGEDY! I honestly have no idea why I have wanted to... Oh wait! I think it may have something to do with me watching Scrubs and Dr. Kelso doing it to one of the interns on an episode I saw like a year ago! Anyways... OMGG! that episode is the one I am watching right now and he just did it! AAHHH! that is so weird! Hehehe! Ok so for the real anyways statement! This morning I got up I think around 8 and I was a lil tired for a while but I got over it! And I texted my stellar bud, C.W., and she is wanting to write a story so we came up with and idea and I am now co-writing the story! WOOHOO! right now we are still trying to figure out the characters and what not but I bet it will be an awesome read! So, I haven't done much since then really, I played The Sly 2 demo...again! And now a whack is headed my way because C.W. Says I am a boob! Lol! And when dad got home I baked him a pizza and made myself a soy protien burger! Yum! And I'm not being sarcastic either! Then C.W. And I discussed the story more and now she is eating dinner and I am blogging and watching NCIS! my favorite crime show! Niw i am gonna check out a twitter app that i downloaded! So... Farewell Bloggians!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Today was...interesting! It started with the dreaded morning and moved on from there! I fell back asleep and then my alarm clock went off at nine and i wanted to see how long the buzzer would sound if no one hit the snooze button... It frickin' sounds off for 45 minutes! So i fell asleep again for about five minutes then i decided to get up. I texted my stellar bud and someone else to start then I...you know what?! I didn't eat cheerios this morning! I thought this morning felt weird!...anyways, then I turned on the tv only to be greeted with the oh-so-familiar Michael Jackson specials that they have been repetitively showing for 3-4 weeks. Woohoo! So anyhow I went into the bathroom and rinsed my face off and then I sat down on the toilet seat cover and stayed there for about 30 minutes texting! Then my bottom started to hurt from the bikeride prior to the previous day, so I moved to the couch! I then tried to watch the tv guide channel but kept getting distracted by all of the awesome apps on my iPhone! So I ate a salad, cucumbers, croutons, and cheese, and maybe some other things I can not remember! Then I played the demo of Sly 2: band of thieves...again! But then I got distracted by texting so I kept being exited out of the demo! Then when dad got home I finished the demo while he talked to his brother on the phone for a while. Next I made spaghetti and cleaned up the kitchen after we ate. And now I am writing this blog because dad went to wal-mart for a while but now he is back! I also read my best friend's new blog which is http://creativewritergriffith.blogspot.com/ If ever you should want to 'check it out'! So... Farewell Bloggians!

The dreaded morning

Ok, so I wake up this morning, right? A bit earlier than I usually do (three hours) to the sound of a water bottle being dropped on the kitchen floor! Which, by the way, is REALLY loud! So I look at dad who is, in turn, looking at me (probably to see if he woke me up! I think he did it on purpose!) and he says to me 'You need to stop being such a slob! You left two tissues (one is a paper towel but I didn't say anything) and a half-chewed candy on the couch' (the half-chewed candy was from last night! I found it in my purse an opened it and licked it twice and decided it needed to be trashed) and then reminded me to do the dishes and asked me to put the package of water into the fridge for him so I said 'ok' very weakly and he replied 'bye! I love you' 'I love you too' I said in the same weak voice' So then I laid there for a few minutes and my face was really oily so I decided to go rinse it off! After doing that I came back into the living room an decided to grab my phone and write a blog! Hehe! So...farewell bloggians!

P.S. I didn't explain in my last blog that a bloggian is a person who reads my blogs!

Monday, August 3, 2009

My first blog

Ugh! Finally I figured out how to log into this dumb iPhone app for blogging! It took me stinkin long enough! I think it took about 3 hours to figure all of this stuff out and now my eyes are straining from looking at my tiny iPhone screen! I have had a fairly nice day today! I almost ate a whole cucumber that was meant to last all week but I was really hungry! Then when my father got home we went for a bike ride! I haven't ridden my bike in about... Two months or so! It was all good for a while except I went down a nearly vertical drop which scared the poo out of me! (at least I'm not full of poo now) anyways, then from the momentum of the downhill frenzy I noticed dad popping his front wheel in the air like he was jumping over something and I looked down just soon enough to avoid hitting my front wheel on the curb and probably flipping over the front of my bike and grinding my face on the concrete! I slammed on my brakes and yelled 'CRAP' an dad turned around and smiled... So then everything was fine and dandy until I started to feel lightheaded and dizzy (if there's a difference) and we came home and I almost passed out (not really but i felt like it!) then I drank some water and it was all good! Anyways I think I like this blog thing! Welldad is bugging me about taking a shower cuz he wants to go to bed! So... Farewell bloggians!